Who will apply to jobs on your behalf with Personalized Cover Letters, so you can focus on Networking and Interview Prep

    Hire a career assistant to apply to jobs on your behalf
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    Less than 2% of applications receive interview calls. Spend your time and effort wisely.

    Sign up and hop on an onboarding call to meet your dedicated Career Assistant. Install our Browser extension and start delegating jobs.


    Your Assistant will manually apply to delegated jobs on your behalf and will communicate updates daily on WhatsApp.


    You get more interviews thus higher chances of landing in a full time role. It is just a numbers game.

    We got you covered!

    Your time is better spent on Networking and Interview Prep.

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    Hire a career assistant to apply to jobs on your behalf

    250+ people landed their dream jobs in a stress-free process by smartly delegating.

    47% of them are from the roles we applied to and remaining 44% are from their personal networking and individual efforts.

    It takes 5 months on average to land in a job according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. We cut short it to anywhere between 45 days to 3 months.

    The weeks we saved can mean an extra $20K in your pocket. Plus, Multiple offers often leads to a $30K salary increase.

    We bring the best of the talent to help you during the crucial phase of your life as your assistants

    It is personally gratifying to see my clients landing in their full time after a long hustle

    My best moment was when a client called me to tell that she landed in a fulltime. I was the second one she called to.

    Experiencing the moment when clients achieve their goal brings a profound sense of personal satisfaction.

    The joy of assisting clients in their pursuit of a full-time career is unparalleled

    Our Assistants have an acceptance rate of less than 2% and are tested across multiple parameters and situations.

    Live Screening

    Every candidate goes through a video interview and is tested for interpersonal skills and English fluency.

    Analytical Tests

    Selected candidates are examined on their analytical capabilities by conducting two proctored tests.

    Mock Applications

    On clearing the exam, each of these candidates will be given to complete 25 mock job applications to fill and draft email and linkedin responses to particular situations.

    Pinch to zoom in

    We understand that you might have questions that are specific to your situation. Pick a slot to talk to our founder. Happy to help you out :)

    Many kickass investors believe in our mission.

    All of them are top of their game in Careers and Immigration. Here are a couple of them.

      Soundarya Balasubramani
      The current US job market is F*cked up. Job search became the most stressful phases in all of our lifes, especially if you graduated without a job offer or got laid off like me due to situations that are not under your control.
      Doing proper networking and applying to hundreds of jobs is the only way to land a job. If there is one most frustrating thing that doesn’t make sense at all is endlessly applying to 100s of jobs typing exactly the same information again and again into the lengthy job applications.
      The fact that even after all that efforts, more than 98% of the job applications never get a response back, which is just soul crushing. Its humanly very hard for anyone to be consistent with such worst success rate.
      Sadly, this is our reality and is unavoidable. We cant change the system but we can be smart in the way we deal with it. Being in the same boat I have tried everything from Auto filling chrome extensions to AI Auto Apply services. But nothing worked. So I decided to hire a college student from India and then trained him to apply to jobs on my behalf. I was able to land a job under 60 days. It was such a revelation that I decided to start this service to help others like me in this job hunt trauma.
      β€” Leela Yanamaddi
      A laid off Carnegie Mellon Grad